About us...

Applied PDA Software designs and develops apps that utilize smartphones as instruments to guide, inform, entertain, and aid our lives in all fields.

Our goal...
... is to help make employing mobile devices easier and more versatile for people.

Whether acquiring data from the field, automating tasks that drain human resources, or enhancing social events and places using mobile networking, it should never be difficult to use our apps for various purposes.

The human experience with technology should be intuitive, educational, as well as fun.

on top of the world

Our focus...
... is on great people making the world a better place through our mobile technology.

From environmental and biophysical sensing with GPS, interfacing to various sensors and instruments for data acquisition and control, to also entertainment and recreational sports;

Our focus is on you, and it is what our software does best.

Our success...
... is directly linked to your satisfaction.

If our software helps you, then it also helps us.  We believe in building great software and maintaining strong relationships to develop innovative products that aid a real purpose.

The Community...
... is global.

We want to help make explorers out of everyone using our software on mobile devices.
It's your world too, be free to discover it.

The future...
... is already here and it is in our hands.

Mobile devices are the indispensable tools that advance our lives in everything we do.
All they require now is the right software with a purpose.

Thank you for your interest in Applied PDA Software and we hope that you enjoy your visit.

Sebastian Dwornik
Applied PDA Software, Inc.

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