Sunday, April 12, 2009, by Sebastian Dwornik

CN Tower, Toronto It has been two (2) years since I last climbed this giant monument and set a personal record of 14 minutes and 17 seconds.

It was not easy, and to this day I wonder how I still managed to do it.

There is a park near me which has a fair amount of stairs leading to the top of an escarpment.  Today’s first, brief practice run reminded me all too sudden of the pain and mental stress it takes to push oneself over the envelope.

The focus, determination, and constant struggle, of literally every step along the way to the top, can be synonymous to pursuing many other goals in life.

Whether it’s building your own business, beginning a new career, raising a family, or completing an important project, it all consists of many small details, everyday, to maintain a level of forward momentum.  Until finally these small increments over time bring to fruition big changes.

I believe overnight success is a myth.  Because if it did occur overnight, you can bet it will be gone by the next morning.

True success is rather slow and arduous.
WWF logo

In the end, when you finally reach the top, it is the journey, in itself, that embeds the real lessons of personal growth and fulfillment.  The rest is just a pleasant view.

So on this upcoming Saturday, April 18, 2009, I will once again push my limits for charity (WWF), and if you feel generous in supporting me on this cause, you can help sponsor me too.


PDA Controlled Water Sprinkler
Wednesday, April 01, 2009, by Sebastian Dwornik

Spring is finally here.

This means that the outdoor garden and lawn will soon be vying for my attention.  This time though, with the help of some DIY home automation, I intend to give it the best care I can.

Bluebox internals

You might remember this past winter how I managed to get my PDA controlled Christmas tree lights working.  That same design will now be applied to my water sprinkler.
PDA controlled water sprinkler using PocketCRON and PocketDAQ Pro

There is a difference though.

Christmas tree lights are mainly for decorative reasons.  Watering my lawn and garden carries a more important responsibility, for they are living things and I greatly enjoy the green scenery of a lush outdoor forest, versus a dry desert.  It is, therefore imperative that the watering schedule be more adaptive to the season.

This is where PocketCRON comes in again.  A new feature recently added supports sunrise and sunset timing.  The plan is to have my yard automatically watered every morning at ten (10) minutes before sunrise.

PocketCRON screenshots

The sunrise/sunset feature depends on where you are located on the planet.  Selecting the nearest city to your location informs PocketCRON of this.  After which the task time settings can accurately display the sunrise and sunset times.  It also takes into consideration Daylight Savings Time.

Time will tell, but I expect my lawn and garden to be nothing short of brilliant green and healthy during this summer season.  Which is great for nature, but not so for my push lawn mower.

Here are the sample scripts I use with PocketDAQ Pro, in automation mode, that PocketCRON calls in its tasks.


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