Handlebar Mounted Phone
Monday, July 20, 2009, by Sebastian Dwornik

The whole point of mobility is to be anywhere, and I write my software for people who take their mobile devices outside.

Exploration, adventure, and travel.  These are the things I look forward to, and thus enjoy field testing my own software.

Straight from the appliedpda.com labs, comes the latest on-going experiment of having mounted an HTC Touch Diamond phone to the handlebars of my mountain bike.

Handlebar Mounted Phone 1

It’s not pretty, but very effective.

Model Magic bucket
The secret comes in the form of a brilliant product called Model Magic.  Originally designed for young children to express their creative talents through modeling with it.  The material is safe, clean, cheap, and air-dries within 24 hours to a firm and rubbery substance that holds the shape it was molded in.

It makes for an excellent shock absorber as well as a perfect fit for any device you sculpt it for.  You can even paint it any colour afterwards, but I just left it stock white for simplicity.

LocateMe Goes Rugged

Handlebar Mounted Phone

Having a fancy touch screen device on your bike brings the feeling of owning one of those extravagant new luxury vehicles.

Using the LocateMe app, I was able to transmit my location to people at home regarding where I was on the trail.  The speaker phone was also very clear and useful to call others.  Best of all, the touch screen proved to be a really nice interface that worked well even with gloves on.

While I mostly used it to display GPS location data, in due time, other sensors can be attached to perform logging of environmental conditions, health monitoring, even the physical bike characteristics like g-force measurements of the shock absorbers.

In the future, a simple bike ride in the woods will return with more than just muddy pedals and flat tires.  It will carry experiential data too.


What Is Your Personal Management Style?
Tuesday, July 14, 2009, by Sebastian Dwornik
Get stuff done

Simply put, I believe in the “Get s%#\$ done” management style.

It’s simple, scales well, and focuses on producing output.

Because you don’t get praised for starting something, it’s only when you complete it.


“Citizen Scientists”
Wednesday, July 08, 2009, by Sebastian Dwornik
Citizen Scientists
Just as I imagined, this article from The Economist, illustrates the coming trend and applications for the mobile phone world, with regards to more sensors in phones and the crowd-sourcing possibilities.

My dream of the Star Trek tricorder in everybody’s hand will soon be a reality.

And I plan to help make it happen.



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