I Can Finally Retire...
Monday, October 25, 2010, by Sebastian Dwornik

... from doing the CN Tower climb.

For years I've been stuck within the 14 minute range, constantly struggling to break my personal record.  Vowing that once I do, I can finally retire at the top and be done with such self torment.

Below is my reign of persistence with this event.

2005 - 14:25   (United Way)
2006 - 14:05   (WWF)
2006 - 14:17   (United Way)
2007 - on break.
2008 - on break.
2009 - 14:40   (WWF)
2010 - 14:25   (WWF)

Then, this past weekend, I finally did it.

2010 - 13:29   (United Way)

CN Tower climb t-shirts

13 minutes and 29 seconds is now infused within my DNA as a victorious moment and a testament to the fact that determination, perseverance, and most notably, a new strategy, can eventually help you attain your goals.

A big thanks goes out to a fellow climber, which at age 52, was kind enough to share his wisdom on his own climbing strategy, and in turn aided me in achieving my target.

As for retiring from this annual event, well, we’ll just see how I feel about it next year.   ;)


Mediocrity, Dance Clubs, and Progress
Sunday, October 03, 2010, by Sebastian Dwornik

Reina Bruja dance clubWhen you keep doing what you are passionate about for long enough, over time your taste and attitude about those things becomes more refined.

Your experience of a specific area of interest matures to confidently make you feel like an expert in that domain.

You become better at recognizing mediocrity, and are no longer satisfied by it.

This is important when it comes to the design of things.  Whether it is a car, a T.V., a mobile phone, a web site, or even a dance club.

You now know what you like.  How it should look, work, sound, and most importantly, how it should make you feel.

And if it doesn't do these things.  Then maybe it's time for you to improve upon it and design it better.

That is called progress.


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