The Importance of Design
Wednesday, October 12, 2011, by Sebastian Dwornik

REUTERS/On Courtesy/Jonathan MakIn my youthful years of programming computers I threw caution to the wind and jumped straight into code.  For all the talk about specs., documenting, and mockups, my mind raced far too quickly to be slowed down by UI design and other considerations.

Now over a decade later, with my brain a little wiser, and albeit a little slower, I realize the truth that although code is no doubt important, design trumps all.

This isn’t news.  But a refreshed realization, especially with the passing of Steve Jobs, who above all else, cherished and expressed the importance of good design.

Thank you Steve, for making us care about design again.


ChooseBot: Your Personal Decision Making Assistant
Saturday, October 01, 2011, by Sebastian Dwornik

ChooseBot on iPhone
A few years ago I wrote about how all future mobile devices will become more intelligent.

That they will eventually “contain a form of general A.I. (artificial intelligence) to aid in basic day to day decision making.  Think of it as your personal automated assistant, but with access to an entire planet’s knowledge base and with real-time information”.

In recognition of my belief in such tools, I present ChooseBot.

While the app is still short of becoming a form of Skynet, it can aid in potentially simplifying certain decisions, as well as predicting others.

Each decision is constrained by the choices you provide it.  Surprisingly though, on average the random outcome is usually no better than a human’s guess.

It’s fun, useful, and can save you time instead of procrastinating over a set of simple choices.

Check it out!


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