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The more we consume, the less we retain
Saturday, November 10, 2012, by Sebastian Dwornik

camera shutter
The pervasive Internet has distracted us to no end.

Forcing us to adapt our brains to work in spurts of focus.

No wonder it’s so difficult for me to read a whole book anymore.   :|


It’s more than just custom software. It’s a relationship.
Thursday, February 02, 2012, by Sebastian Dwornik

The customer is always right

Well, .. no, not really.

While developers do need to fully understand the customer’s expectation, the customer's don’t always realize the “right” way to execute it.  That’s the developer’s domain in designing the app properly.

Developing custom software for clients is much more than just writing code.

It requires a level of ownership and responsibility to execute a polished product with an accurate UX experience that doesn’t resemble a VB app from 1997.

Just because the client wants a text field in the middle of the screen, doesn’t mean it belongs there.

Developers who care about such design details usually cost a little more, but the work done is then also of a higher caliber.  Because human-to-human-to-machine translation is not trivial and requires patience.

And in the end, it’s more than just custom software.  It’s a relationship.

bad user requirements


Nothing happens until there's a sale
Wednesday, January 04, 2012, by Sebastian Dwornik

... and the first customer is you.
Flying man invention

Because if you can't sell the idea to yourself, how will you ever be able to sell it to someone else.


The Importance of Design
Wednesday, October 12, 2011, by Sebastian Dwornik

REUTERS/On Courtesy/Jonathan MakIn my youthful years of programming computers I threw caution to the wind and jumped straight into code.  For all the talk about specs., documenting, and mockups, my mind raced far too quickly to be slowed down by UI design and other considerations.

Now over a decade later, with my brain a little wiser, and albeit a little slower, I realize the truth that although code is no doubt important, design trumps all.

This isn’t news.  But a refreshed realization, especially with the passing of Steve Jobs, who above all else, cherished and expressed the importance of good design.

Thank you Steve, for making us care about design again.


Happy New Year (2011)
Wednesday, December 29, 2010, by Sebastian Dwornik

All the best to you and your ventures this upcoming 2011 year.

Never stop creating.


Sebastian Dwornik

Applied PDA


I Can Finally Retire...
Monday, October 25, 2010, by Sebastian Dwornik

... from doing the CN Tower climb.

For years I've been stuck within the 14 minute range, constantly struggling to break my personal record.  Vowing that once I do, I can finally retire at the top and be done with such self torment.

Below is my reign of persistence with this event.

2005 - 14:25   (United Way)
2006 - 14:05   (WWF)
2006 - 14:17   (United Way)
2007 - on break.
2008 - on break.
2009 - 14:40   (WWF)
2010 - 14:25   (WWF)

Then, this past weekend, I finally did it.

2010 - 13:29   (United Way)

CN Tower climb t-shirts

13 minutes and 29 seconds is now infused within my DNA as a victorious moment and a testament to the fact that determination, perseverance, and most notably, a new strategy, can eventually help you attain your goals.

A big thanks goes out to a fellow climber, which at age 52, was kind enough to share his wisdom on his own climbing strategy, and in turn aided me in achieving my target.

As for retiring from this annual event, well, we’ll just see how I feel about it next year.   ;)


Mediocrity, Dance Clubs, and Progress
Sunday, October 03, 2010, by Sebastian Dwornik

Reina Bruja dance clubWhen you keep doing what you are passionate about for long enough, over time your taste and attitude about those things becomes more refined.

Your experience of a specific area of interest matures to confidently make you feel like an expert in that domain.

You become better at recognizing mediocrity, and are no longer satisfied by it.

This is important when it comes to the design of things.  Whether it is a car, a T.V., a mobile phone, a web site, or even a dance club.

You now know what you like.  How it should look, work, sound, and most importantly, how it should make you feel.

And if it doesn't do these things.  Then maybe it's time for you to improve upon it and design it better.

That is called progress.


Work that matters
Tuesday, June 01, 2010, by Sebastian Dwornik

Steve Jobs portraitIf you died tomorrow, would the project that you were involved in be important enough for someone else to pick up out of a desire for its value to the world?

Or would it fall into the pit of irrelevance and be forgotten?

Wouldn't it be nice to know that your hard work during your lifetime had meaning towards a greater goal?  That it wasn't just "a job", or simply about money, but true value and purpose.

I suspect Steve Jobs is proud of this.  Knowing that if he had died due to his illness sometime ago, he would be proud of his contribution in rebuilding Apple into the powerful company that changed the world.

Shouldn't we all be involved in such purposeful work?  In building our dreams that live on past our lifetimes.

What are you building today that matters for tomorrow?

Curious thought.


What is it that "you do" ?
Saturday, March 06, 2010, by Sebastian Dwornik

puppy with football

I invent.
I build.
I automate.
I fix things.

And I do this sometimes for money, but mostly because "that's what I do."

What I am, is an enabler.  I use the tools technology provides to enable people around me to live better.

And I'm not alone in this.

“ Try not to become a man of success, rather try to become a man of value. ”

        – Albert Einstein


A New Year and A New Site (sort of...)
Saturday, December 26, 2009, by Sebastian Dwornik

Sorry for the delay in blogging and technical difficulties to the site.  I have been porting it to a new CMS design and it took a little longer then expected.  I've had a few blog posts in the queue, but didn't want to post them until the new site came back up.

Most of the changes are in the back-end for SEO and improved efficiency.  But if you encounter any glitches or errors then please let me know.

2010 money "for the win!"With 2010 approaching I sense a growing optimism for the new year, and decade.  There is excitement and renewed hope for a brighter future where we can all begin a new phase of living with understanding so much more of our planet and our place with in it.

So lets make 2010 a year to remember as a turning point for when modern civilization accepted and adapted to a more sustainable way of living.

All the best and warm wishes to you all this season.


Sebastian Dwornik


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