The End of Physical Line-ups
Thursday, July 04, 2013, by Sebastian Dwornik

So there I was last summer (2012), waiting at a walk-in clinic near my house for almost 2 frickin hours.  Miserable, cold, and frustrated.  With my only feedback for service being the people sitting there before me.

As I looked around the depressing room, everyone was tinkering on their mobile phones.

Kill Line-upsThen it hit me!

"Why can't this work like a deli counter?” where you get your number and can guesstimate when you'll be served watching the 'serving now' sign.

BETTER YET, why can't we use our mobile phones to get an SMS with an estimated wait time and another SMS to summon us back for service!?  Like those restaurant coasters.

*BOOM*.  The idea was born.  All of a sudden I noticed line-ups everywhere I went.  From restaurants, government offices, theme parks, and busy retail spots.

And the common tool among them all is their paper pad on a clipboard.

It seems like a perfect area for disruption and automation.

It took longer then expected to build but finally a stable and working Beta has emerged.

Qriffic is a SaaS based web app that manages a queue to better service waiting customers by using their mobile phone and SMS technology.  Being that it's a web app, all you need is a device with a modern web browser and an Internet connection.

It is fully functional and very usable, and FREE for now.

My goal with it is to abolish physical line-ups forever, because our lives are too busy and short to have to wait in lines for service.

So if you run a business that deals with line-ups then sign-up now for a FREE account @Qriffic and greatly improve your customer's experience.


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