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PocketDAQ Pro
Get your data from places you never thought possible

Examine and log serial data in real-time from any RS232, infrared, or wireless Bluetooth device, anywhere.

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Inform people of your exact GPS location

Acquire your current location using your mobile phones built-in GPS and share those coordinates with others through Email or SMS.

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Scoreboard (v2)
Keep score for various games played in two

Provides a simple way of keeping the score for various games played in two, and to share that score with others using Email or SMS.

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Pocket CommRelay
A bridge between two ports

Use your Windows Mobile handheld as a hardware wedge between two communication devices.

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Mobile Data Acquisition and Automation Suite
PocketDAQ Pro, PocketCRON, and Pocket CommRelay

All the tools you need to view, collect, relay, and automate serial communications using a Windows Mobile device.

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