Dear Windows Mobile, It's been fun ...
Sunday, September 02, 2012, by Sebastian Dwornik

the end of Windows Mobile... but I've moved on.  My efforts instead have pivoted to develop more for the iOS platform. (iPhone, iPad)

Free support for my Windows Mobile line of products has now officially ended this past month (August, 2012).

The WM apps will still be available on my site for sale, but if you require any special support for PocketDAQ Pro or LocateMe, than I am willing to work with you in creating custom versions of those apps for your specific needs.

Otherwise if you have any custom app requirements and are looking for design or development of your ideas to work with an iPhone or iPad, by all means please contact me to discuss the potential.

Onwards and upwards.

Sebastian Dwornik        (twitter: @appliedpda)

Checkout my ChooseBot app!  "Siri can't make decisions for you, but ChooseBot can"

Re: Dear Windows Mobile, It's been fun ...

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