What does the "PDA" in 'Applied PDA' stand for?
Saturday, November 24, 2012, by Sebastian Dwornik

The New PDARecently I’ve been asked this question often enough that I decided it deserves its own explanation to satisfy the curious minds.

The popular branding of this acronym from decades ago referred to it as Personal Digital Assistant.  The abbreviation (PDA) became synonymous with handheld devices that back then (early 1990's) were dominated by Palm Inc.

Today, most any mobile computer device (phone, tablet, tiny netbooks, etc.) can be considered a "Personal Digital Assistant".

More accurately though, with regards to function, today’s PDA is essentially a Personal Data Acquisition device.  After all, it acquires and stores a multitude of personal information and data about you and the world you live and interact with.

The goal with our company is to then help expand the mobile device’s range of data acquisition and control, so as to help amplify human capabilities and provide you with more intelligent information to guide and aid your life in all fields.

Applied "Personal Data Acquisition" Software.

It's the new PDA.

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