App Success on Launch Day
Saturday, December 22, 2012, by Sebastian Dwornik

Launch day stickyWhen you finally release your app for sale in the app store (aka. Launch day!), it is usually expected to spike in sales due to it appearing on probably a few lists on the internet, before it quickly gets shifted down the list by other apps that arrive.

I would guess that most apps don’t get a worthy spike on launch day.  Because most developers don’t have the clout to get the type of hype and promotion required for a profitable launch day.

And that’s ok because app discovery happens over time, and not necessarily on launch day.

Success rarely occurs that quickly.  What usually happens, is that after a few good app releases, your brand starts to build.  And it’s that brand identity that eventually leads to one of your later apps being “discovered”.  And hopefully then, the sales ‘spike’.  As your other previous apps then get attention too.

At least that’s the way I think of it.  Because with so many apps now in circulation, your chances might feel like a lottery.

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