Future Mobile Devices are Connected, full of Sensors, and Intelligent
Sunday, February 01, 2009, by Sebastian Dwornik

HAL9000_HTC_Diamond The days of desktops and bulky hardware are diminishing.  Laptops, netbooks, and especially the mobile phone are fast becoming the predominant computing devices of choice.  This is thanks to faster and cheaper processing hardware and the growing wireless networks.

The beloved desktop PC, and others who still live inside a tower case, will not go away completely though.  Their form factor and computing power will simply be refined to more isolated spaces with a focused purpose.  Specifically for server computing, such as file serving, graphics rendering, home media control, and other high end data or calculation intensive tasks.

Mobile devices like the phone, I predict will absorb most every other technology to essentially rule all other consumer, business, and eventually general living purposes.

From communication, gaming, and presentations to image and data acquisition and control, your one-stop shop handheld mobile device will probably have things like holographic displays, projected keyboards, environmental sensing, and personal health monitoring.
It will also most likely replace your credit card as it will be connected to your financial system and allow you to pay for things with it.

Most interestingly though, it will contain a form of general A.I. (artificial intelligence) to aid in basic day to day decision making.  Think of it as your personal automated assistant, but with access to an entire planet’s knowledge base and with real-time information.

We definitely live in very exciting times, and with your support, I hope to be part of these great innovations to help make these future mobile devices a reality for all of us.

I welcome the mobile future.

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