The Ideal Workplace
Monday, May 25, 2009, by Sebastian Dwornik

Cubicle posterWhen a person gets hired by a company they are usually given an area to call their own with a desk and maybe a telephone.

Whether given a full office, cubicle, or a random corner in the basement near the furnace, it is up to the individual afterwards to make that space most conducive to their own style of working.

In my experience of employment for many companies, most people I noticed, do very little to customize their work space.  Apart from a few pictures and maybe a small poster or two, it rarely exhibits an area of interest, let alone creative process.

I’m not exactly sure what attributes to such mediocrity.  But if everyone looks like just another number in a row and column, than it doesn’t take much to feel dispensable.

What if though, during your initial commencement it was communicated clearly that you would be given a budget and the freedom to design your own work space?

You could choose the location, the equipment you desire, maybe even improve the interior decorating like chairs, plants, and the colour of the walls.  Knowing of course that you also had to work with other people, how would you plan your own area?

Either way, the goal would be for you to make the most enjoyable and productive office space you desire.  A place where you enjoy being at, versus dreading it.

I would imagine that such a personal investment by every employee would make people happier to work at that company, and be more loyal too.

Re: The Ideal Workplace

I agree with you on the importance on creating a work space that promotes productivity in each individual. There are many studies that show people learn differently (auditory, visual, kinesthetic, etc) and how different environments promote different types of learning and producing. A cluttered space has shown to produce less “work” then an organized space, for example.

I would argue that putting up a picture, poster, or introducing a fun writing utensils, although not as dramatic as a paint overhaul or chair upgrade, is a touch of personality in a workspace that makes it your own.

Cubicles do look different, there are pictures, posters, papers, lunches, mess, tidiness, that are all indicative of one's personality. Although unpleasant to sit it, people have made it their own space.

I am not sure if one's cubicle – or work space – is what makes most people dread going into work. It is the overall environment: the people, the social atmosphere, the lack of nutritious food circulating the office, the early morning hours, the short lunch breaks,the overall stress of the job, the florescent lighting, and the list goes on....

I think the bigger picture is: if you want to start enjoying your job, start with your inner self. If you wake up dreading something, you will look for things to justify how you feel, like sitting in a cubicle. That's the epitome of cognitive dissonance!

Monika Wydra
Monday, June 22, 2009

Well said. :)

Sebastian Dwornik
Thursday, June 25, 2009

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