How Code Gets Written These Days
Wednesday, August 26, 2009, by Sebastian Dwornik

Nobody writes an application from scratch any longer.  There is always some example source code, framework, or existing product code base to start from.

Adaption is the key.

The experienced software developer isn’t someone who holds an academic wiki in their head of every platform API and language construct.

Instead they carry a custom built virtual toolbox containing their own library collection of code snippets, solutions, and resources that they have gathered and constructed over the years.  Which can then quickly be reused, adapted, or at the least, provide direction to where an answer to a particular problem might be found.

Google logo in C code
IntelliSense and Google

Modern IDE ’s such as Visual Studio with its IntelliSense now provide “a convenient way to access descriptions of functions and parameter lists, and speeds up software development by reducing the amount of name memorization needed and keyboard input required.“

And if that doesn’t help, then sites like The Code Project, Stack Overflow, and of course the almighty Google, provide the necessary backup.

This is how code gets written these days, and applications get done.

It is also how people learn to write code, by using open source and “standing on the shoulders of giants .”

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