Windows Mobile is now “Windows phone”
Wednesday, September 23, 2009, by Sebastian Dwornik

Microsoft has started its marketing engine to rebrand the suffering ‘Windows Mobile’ operating system and make things easier by renaming it to “Windows phone”.

Windows phone logo

Personally, I like the simplicity of the new name.  The fact remains though that most people don’t even realize they have a Windows phone.  It’s either an HTC, Samsung, Toshiba, or another name brand that people recognize their phone as.  Only the geeks know them as Windows Mobile devices.

Therefore the new Windows phone name brand should help to better communicate the operating system on these and many other devices.  Allowing users to make a more informed decision, as well as put pressure on Microsoft to enhance it further.

Windows Marketplace for Mobile
Windows Marketplace for Mobile
Also coming soon is Microsoft’s own app store for their Windows phones.

As a developer for this platform,  submitting apps and getting them certified during these last couple of months has had more than its share of growing pains in dealing with the Marketplace app store.  But rest assured you will be able to find some of my fine applications within the Marketplace when it finally opens to the public in October 2009.

You’ll still be able to buy the same apps through my web site, and I would actually prefer that, since Microsoft takes a bigger commission (30%) using their Marketplace, versus my sites’ eCommerce channel (8.9%).  But such is business, and only time will tell if the Marketplace for Mobile becomes a success.

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