The "Phone" is just another App.
Wednesday, February 17, 2010, by Sebastian Dwornik

Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Series has finally been unveiled and after watching the demos of it Windows Phone 7 Seriesperform, it occurred to me that the "phone" component is now truly just another app.

Thanks to Apple, "smartphones" have truly become "app phones."

Leaving the "phone" aspect buried by a mountain of apps and left as a last resort of conversing with someone.

SMS, Twitter, Facebook, email, etc., have surpassed voice calls by many more hours, and will continue to do so.

I view these devices more like mini tablet PDA's.  A blend between a communicator and a generic, media focused, computing device that bridges the gap to a more powerful, cloud based operating system.

The killer apps therefore, are those that best utilize that integration and enhance the mobile human world with added value to the environments around them.

With all this mobility, it looks like we’re going nomadic again.  But I digress.  :)

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