It's the little things
Friday, July 02, 2010, by Sebastian Dwornik

Once you gain experience using a variety of tools within any single domain, no matter the platform, a clear differentiating factor begins to emerge.

It's all in the little detailsIt's all in the details.

Windows XP versus Windows 7.
Windows Phone/Android versus iPhone.
Visual Studio/XCode versus Eclipse.

They all relatively do the same thing compared to each other.  But it's the little things that push the product/platform/tool past simple mediocrity into its unique professional status.

  • Things like the little magnifier bubble for the iPhone.
  • The Windows 7 taskbar live preview and window snap.
  • Intelligent code completion in Visual Studio/XCode and real-time code checking while you're typing.

Being "good enough" can get you invited to the party.  But being "awesome" makes you the life of the party and gains you a fan base.

And to achieve that, you need to focus on the little things.

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