Google Android Unfair to Canada
Thursday, September 16, 2010, by Sebastian Dwornik

Google checkout epic failThat's right.  Unfair.

And it's been like this for a while now.

Actually it's Google Checkout that must hate Canada, and because the Android Marketplace only supports developers with Google Checkout accounts, than by association, Google Android is in the crapper too.

Google checkout countriesYou see, a developer from the U.S (or only 8 other countries) can code an Android app, create a Merchant account, and sell it on the Android Marketplace.

While developers from Canada, cannot.

So U.S. developers can make money on their apps from Canadians, but not the other way around.

According to Google:

" We're working to make Google Checkout available as widely as possible, and we look forward to expanding our service to more locations soon. "

That's nice.

Of course, it has been like this for years.  And it doesn't look like Google cares to change this situation.

So if you're in Canada and want to develop for Android, than it better be a FREE app.

You can read more about it within Google's own forums.

Update!  Google Checkout Now Supports Merchants in Canada

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